Setting aside the border conundrum for a moment*, let us consider the bombastic bollocksology of our old friend Martin Schultz, he of the SDP, Germany’s answer to Labour. Herr Schultz today declared that his objective, and the objective of his party, was no less than the formation of a United States of Europe, within eight years.

“Such a constitutional treaty has to be written by a convention that includes civil society and the people. This constitutional treaty will then have to be put to the member states and those that don’t approve it will automatically have to leave the EU,” he said, according to our other friends at the Guardian.

Everybody knows the UK wouldn’t buy that – it’s refreshing to be both on the right side of history and ahead of the curve. The UK needs must be well clear of the lumbering superstate and well prepared to defend itself against whatever PESCO is eventually envisaged to be.

*Not setting it aside at all. It’s fucking simple. Legislation in London to provide for alignment with current regulations which support the Belfast Agreement and north-south co-operation, and the use of the North-South Ministerial Council to determine deviations from the status quo in the future, when regulations change in Europe. No border. No problem.