Labour’s messaging and other catastrophic failures

Labour Leadership,politics 7 April 2013 0 Comments

Noting the continued push for the Labour Party to embrace the ‘One Nation’ absurdity in their branding, the party’s machine decided this weekend to launch a rather poorly thought through poster campaign ‘Who wants to bung a millionaire?  Dave Does’. Quite apart from the clear effort to divide the nation into two economic groups in […]

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Welcome to 2013. I’m blogging again.

this blog,unstupidity 4 January 2013 0 Comments

Hello. I’ve been away for a long time. I’ve been writing a book and it’s almost done, so I thought I’d try to get back into the spirit of things, now my dalliance with blogging among more notable luminaries on Iain Dale’s site has ended. The fact is, there isn’t very much blogging to be […]

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Done with Irish Politics for now

Ireland,Ireland,Ireland Election 2011,politics 5 March 2011 1 Comment

For reasons which will become more apparent soon, I have decided to give up on coverage of Irish Politics.  This blog was never about the politics of Ireland, but in the run up to the General Election 2011, it made sense to get embedded in that. I’ll be returning to coverage of UK politics, economics […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-27

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Blogpost: Letter to a young Fianna Fáiler. #ge11 #ff # Blogpost: Letter to a young Fianna Fáiler # And now the civil war within SInn Féin IRA can begin. # New blog posting, Letter to a young Fianna Fáiler – # So is that it for Ivana? Surely a chunk of FF will […]

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The Irish Election for (Brit) beginners

Ireland,Ireland,Ireland Election 2011,politics 21 February 2011 0 Comments

Quite apart from the hilarity of trying to identify an actual economic policy in Sinn Féin’s election materials, the funniest thing about the Irish election so far has been the squirming and luckless campaign from Fianna Fáil. Those from the red and blue corners of UK politics will recognise the train wreck of an earnestly […]

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What I have learned on Day One of the Election

Ireland Election 2011,Uncategorized 2 February 2011 0 Comments

Stream of consciousness begins… Sinn Féin posters are now mostly done with the candidate’s balaclava off. Mary Lou McDonald (SF) is very happy with her new haircut. Lovely photo on a tangerine lime background. She’s kinda cute for a terrorist apologist. Labour and Fianna Fáil are running their leader as a candidate in every seat. […]

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Dave explains Ireland’s mess in 4 minutes.

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Dave, who is absolutely not supposed to be John Bruton, explains the predicament Ireland finds itself in, in 4 minutes 13 seconds.

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Micheál Martin and Mary Coughlan discuss their strengths and weaknesses before Election 2011

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