About 80% of all the people I meet say they worry about drying up, running out of steam, being found out as a fraud, losing control, falling over…

It’s not going to happen to you.  With minimal personal work and a bit of smart preparation, you’ll be able to take to your feet and deliver your message with certainty and aplomb.

Your voice is important – only you can say the things you need to say – and I can help you prepare for the moment you first say hello to your audience.

It all starts with a download.

All the ideas, all the buzzwords, all the jargon and lingo from your sector.  We’ll sit together for an hour or so to drag out the key concepts your audience will understand. This is the ‘download’ and it makes sure the speech we’ll put together has your authentic voice.


The speech is written

I work on a speech tailored to your needs, in your voice, on the subject we’ve agreed.  You help me understand the technical bits and I’ll put together something satisfying for your audience and comfortable for you.  I’ll explain any techniques and quotes and we’ll agree a text.

The secret sauce is the rehearsal

We’re not going to waste any time.  We’ll go through the essence of public speaking, the methods of delivery, the tips and psychological tricks we rely on to make the audience your champion.  We’ll practice until we’re done, using recording and perfection techniques.  Simple.

Great Speech of the Month

Ronald Reagan’s speech in support of Barry Goldwater’s Presidential run in 1964 is in some ways a work-a-day campaign stump…

… and in some ways one of the greatest direct communications with a supportive base.  

The speech starts with a huge ‘Big Picture’ segment setting out what Reagan saw as the global threat facing America, and then moves via humour to details attacking the programmes of President Johnson.  He uses logicio ad absurdam, motherhood-and-apple-pie and dogwhistle political attacks to highlight the differences between Goldwater and LBJ.  It builds to a moral crusade and a call to action for freedom opposed to communism through opposition to appeasement.

The speech lasts around half an hour, but it’s bright and powerful in the extreme and rewards attention.  The politics in the speech are a matter of personal opinion – the power of the delivery is not in doubt.