Building a Brexit

Theresa May wasn't my first choice to lead the Conservative Party.  I wanted David Cameron to face the responsibility of delivering Brexit after the referendum.  I wanted him to come out to the podium the day after the referendum and say something like "The government...

Geraldine Dreadful MP’s Open Letter to Jews in the Labour Party

Geraldine Dreadful MP is keen to make sure Jews know their place in Labour.

Regulatory alignment

The Brexit deal which nobody with any commonsense expected to be reached yesterday fell because the commentariat spooked the DUP

Brexit – a reflection on an unhappy marriage

TL;DR:  Brexit is a good thing; we should be throwing a fucking party. [bctt tweet="Hurting Ireland in a no-deal Brexit would be...

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

Six and a half minutes of your life wasted. Podcast Audio.

My Reshuffle

I decided to do a reshuffle. Come and disagree with me.

Doing a Rees Mogg

He is a hero of our times, not least for holding his nerve and his beliefs in a world so homogenised and scared of opinion.

Turn off Activate. Reactivate the Vermin Club.

The sorts of people likely to turn to the Conservative Party (and more importantly actually vote Conservative) in the UK are not the sort of feckless mouth-breathing snowflake cretins who flock to the bearded brother of Chavez on the Left.  They are not excited by...

Getting out in front of it

Theresa May has done everything exactly correctly, 100% by the book.  Surveying the catastrophe of...

Let's find your voice

You have a voice, a message and an audience. Let me help you write and deliver the speech establishing you as a thought leader in your sector. 

speechcraft is a package of speechwriting, speech coaching and technique development to help you find your feet and your voice.