The state of them – a few minutes accidentally spent with No campaigners in Dublin City Centre

Lawyers for Choice are doing a difficult job very well.

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Regulatory alignment

The Brexit deal which nobody with any commonsense expected to be reached yesterday fell because the commentariat spooked the DUP

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Brexit – a reflection on an unhappy marriage

TL;DR:  Brexit is a good thing; we should be throwing a fucking party. [bctt tweet="Hurting Ireland in a no-deal Brexit would be...
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The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

Six and a half minutes of your life wasted. Podcast Audio.

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My Reshuffle

I decided to do a reshuffle. Come and disagree with me.

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Doing a Rees Mogg

He is a hero of our times, not least for holding his nerve and his beliefs in a world so homogenised and scared of opinion.

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Turn off Activate. Reactivate the Vermin Club.

The sorts of people likely to turn to the Conservative Party (and more importantly actually vote Conservative) in the UK are not the sort of feckless mouth-breathing snowflake cretins who flock to the bearded brother of Chavez on the Left.  They are not excited by...
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Getting out in front of it

Theresa May has done everything exactly correctly, 100% by the book.  Surveying the catastrophe of...
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Who Governs? June 2017 Edition

A quick synopsis of the UK General Election, prepared by 'hateful tory scum'.  Your mileage may vary.   [bctt tweet="This six minute audio summarises the UK general election in a way even Donald Trump would understand."...
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When the music's over, turn out the lights, Jim Morrison intones, as Kensington (fucking Kensington) goes red on the election map.  This...
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We're pro-Brexit

Burn everything European but their gas.

We don't do Irish Politics here.

I avoid Irish politics like the clap because it’s generally boring and low-stakes. I’m going to have to pay some sort of attention to it now, I suppose, since Mr Varadkar is making a nuisance of himself in the Brexit negotiations.  Seasoned followers of my political thought (if it can so be termed) know that my preference at this stage is to crater most of the roads, build a wall, impose crippling tolls on the three accessible routes we’d keep and salt the earth as we prepare for the Belfast Airlift.  It’s probably why I’m not heading up the negotiations on the Irish border.

In any case, under strict orders to be constructive, nábídána will now occasionally look at Irish matters.  Don’t all get excited at once.

Brexit Timer








State of the UK Parties
Party Seats
Conservative -13 317
Labour +30 262
Scottish National Party -21 35
Liberal Democrat +4 12
Democratic Unionist Party +2 10
Independent -4 0
Sinn Fein +3 7
Plaid Cymru +1 4
Social Democratic & Labour Party -3 0
Ulster Unionist Party -2 0
Green Party 1
Speaker 1
UK Independence Party -1 0
Independent Unionist (NI) 1
Total number of seats 650
  • Conservatives 48.92%
  • Labour 40.3%
  • Haggis Fanciers 5.3%
  • Liberal Democrats 1.8%
  • N’er-do-wells (assorted) 3.5%