Dear Leader Comrade Brown has signalled his delight at victory in this month’s elections.

In his monthly press conference, Comade brown showed that the ultra-leftist opposition to recent increases in tax for the poorest comrades had been defeated clearly, proven by election outcomes.  He praised the efforts of Party workers in the two councils in which The Party’s majority had increased, saying:

“The mewling of post-socratic interventionist moderates from the Blair-Bushist treachery cannot and will not distract the work of the revolutionary forces in exercising their will and mandate on the peoples of Bonkerston and Loony-Under-Lyme and Spambridge.  These patriots stand in the vanguard of The Party’s fight to liberate all of the country.  Thansk to this victory, I have requested the Presidium to allocate a Tractor with spare parts, and fifty kilos of turnips, to each of these councils.”

In further celebration of the results, Comrade Brown has appointed Comrade Hoon President of the Salt and Coal Mining Federation.

In other news, fifteen members of the Supreme Soviet have been arrested and sent to re-education camps, in what Comrade Hoon described as ‘a glorious bloodbath’.