The Mozilla Foundation has outdone itself again with a web browser surpassing even my best hopes for what a web browser should be.

Firefox 3 is a masterpiece of work; its unobtrusive presence on my system feels like an enhancement overhaul for the Firefox 2 system, but a few days working with it yields a revolutionised, improved, honed experience, which adds to the operation of websites and handles the experience of retaining information beautifully.

Bookmarking has been left alone, which is excellent news; it handles my passwords perfectly.  It seems to handle the nuances of my surfing style like that was part of the design brief.  The browser imposes its will on nothing, showing each site as its designer intended. (unless they were designing for IE6, in chich case who knows what it was supposed to look like?)

It knocks IE7 into a cocked hat, and sneers politely but disrespectfully at the Windows version of Safari.

I’m a fan.  So will you be.