After the launch of the iPhone, I decided immediately that I didn’t want one.  I decided, correctly I think, that the failings of the device were so significant that an early investment in the technology would have been mindless.  Much though i was impressed with the phone, it wasn’t quite there.

I compared it with the (then) upcoming HTC Tytn II.  The Tytn, with its tilting screen, tactile keyboard, 3g and GPS functions, was simply a better phone.  In almost every appreciable way, the Tytn kicked the ass of the iPhone out of the park.  The Tytn II wasn’t perfect; the screen had some issues, the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS was sometimes patchy.  But it was, and still is, a better phone than the iPhone.

The iPhone 3G, however, looks set to be a simply brilliant piece of work.  GPS, geotagging, 3G speed and a strong WiFi performance make the unit irresistable.

A quick phone call to the good people at O2 Ireland revealed that I have no chance whatsoever of having a unit on Launch day; my contract with the admittedly excellent Nokia E51 is still quite young.  With luck, and with a fair wind and adequate stock, I may just manage to pick one up a few days later.

I’m plumping for the white 16GB model; rumour is that few people are going for the white unit.  There will of course be a full review of the device here and on YouTube, to match my 50,000 hits review of the HTC TyTn II.