The iPhone can’t write or edit blog posts directly in the WordPress backend interface.  Even with the plugin the Samurai suggests in his comment to this post, it can’t be done.

The iPhone, without a major plugin installation on the backend of the WordPress engine, can’t post directly into a blog. It’ll post to the title bar, but won’t enter text into the main post text area.  I tried a load of times, and fell into a whirling typhoon of epic fail.

I guess this is something which can be fixed, or that an adapted API will be falling from heaven sometime soon, but i’d much sooner simply be able to blog on the train.  I know some of you will now email me saying “why not use the email to post feature/”, but you’re missing the point if you do.

One of the cleverest Samurai I know has pointed out that the problem has been fixed through the clever application of a plugin available.  Information is available in the comment to this post, and I’m perfectly happy to note the correction.

BTW, I also know that it won’t work in 1.1.4 versions of the Safari browser.  I find it interesting that it’s so close to perfect, but won’t do something I guess many thousands of people will want it to.

Still reviewing the phone, will have a full post when I’m done.  It’s a mixed bag, but I certainly feel glad I’ve got it.  It is spectacularly cool, but it doesn’t make a decent cup of tea.