After an epic game of customer service tennis, I have finally been approved for an upgrade, based on my frankly ridiculous cellphone spend. With my new gold upgrade credit, which is useless against the iPhone, I have one more barrier to entry. There doesn’t seem to be a 16gb iPhone 3g to be had in Ireland.

I contacted O2’s ‘O2 Experience’ in the centre of Dublin, and the told me it could be a month.  This didn’t sound quite right, so I contacted a few others.

the iphone

The most helpful was the Carphone Warehouse.  An excellent and intelligent young woman answered, treated me like a valued future customer (which I probably will be, now) and told me that a delivery next week was relatively likely.  No pre-order.

At this stage, I suspect the trick will be to leave it all to Thursday of this week, and then contact them back, to just confirm no delivery this week.  Then, take Wednesday morning off to grab one.  I feel terribly embarrassed to be so engrossed in the possibility of a phone.  A phone, for Christ’s sake.
I will of course blog on this on an ongoing basis; the obvious engineering of a stock crisis by Apple and O2 is already well commented on.

Pray to Steve for me.

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