Amusing (or frightening) article in the Carlow Nationalist from Friday 19 September.  It seems the opening of a ‘Head Shop’ (read terrible place for desperate morons to go in search of legal highs) in Ireland’s south eastern county town of Carlow has spurred local Councillor Michael Abbey to paroxysms of pure anger, and a furiously incisive exposition of legal reasoning.

The budding Perry Mason has not welcomed the opening of a Head Shop called ‘Legal’ in the town, which has a large student population.  But this local representative has a cause, a  motivation, an angle.

“I hate people who prey on the weak” he says.   His legal research has led him to an important conclusion:

“To me it’s shady business setting up and it is only legal insofar as there is no legislation to state otherwise.”

It is hoped that the pronouncement, a clear Eureka moment, will be incorporated into the canon of Irish law just as soon as the Supreme Court has time to peruse the obviously impressive body of precedent and statute which led to the observation.  It is not yet known if the entire common law will have to be replaced with pronouncements from the councillor.