This isn’t a post about the liberal media bias, though the discourse is undoubtedly pro-ass at the moment. Al Franken did a fantastic job of taking the myth of the Liberal monolith apart, and I’m not as funny as Al Franken.

The reality for McCampaigners at the moment is that the media momentum has switched, perhaps inexorably, away from the republican machine, and has now begin efforts to cultivate the story of the American Dream for the young African American junior senator from Illinois.

The creation of the story, and attention to how the news networks want to tell the story, are beginning to take priority over the necessity to genuinely report on the relative strengths of the campaigns.

Unfortunately, this is a risk run by the Republicans from the second they ran Sarah Palin, a woman spectacularly underqualified for the job. Who within the GOP campaign can be looking at the Wall Street boards turn red and not wish Mitt Romney was in the Hockey Mom’s shoes, with his mix of financial acumen and stability?

The gimmick worked to distract attention from Obama’s acceptance speech, and it stole the discourse for the GOP for two weeks. Unfortunately, the wrong two weeks, weeks when McCain’s credibility and acumen should have been built up in the mind of the voter.

Alea iacta est, however, and there is precious little the McCain camp can do now but pray that the gaffe engine opens up again and McCain gets to take on Obama, outside the debates and inside.