With the US election drawing to a close, many of us on the right have begun to openly question the involvement of our Shadowy Overlords in the process.

Whilst their involvement in 2000 was clear for all to see through the enormous rising of lawyers and the presence of the butterfly ballot, and their ghostly and malevolent spirit shone darkly from the grim eyes of Swift Boat veterans against John Kerry in 2004, in 2008 the secret rulers of the world have been deathly silent.

Some commentators speculate that McCain may have failed to make the necessary sacrifice of his first born, or that the W’ur Caibhn, the ancient ritual of fealty given by those seeking elevation to the position of second in command, may not have been performed adequately by the twisted, evil figure of Sarah Palin.

‘The problem is, she isn’t sufficiently twisted or evil. Remember what our puppet controllers are after. Think Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon and Dick Cheney,’ said Republican Mitt Romney. ‘Woe betide those who disappoint our masters, like Dan Quayle’.

Some further speculate that Joe Biden, who bears a striking resemblance to Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lord, may have made a pact with our remote and cold masters some time in 2003.
‘He took a leaf from LBJ’s diabolical book, and it may have paid off,’ according to James Carville, democrat adviser.

James Baker, former counsel for the shadowy masters, sought to reassure GOP faithful, before turning into a bat and disappearing into a darkening, menacing sky.