The hooligans now descending on London’s city square mile have no solutions to the economic crisis, only an over-dramatic rhetoric at times bellicose, at times quixotic.

Excuse me, I’m having an ice cold Coke and some Jolly Ranchers, and my copy of the FT hasn’t arrived yet.

Anyway, back to work. These people represent the unwelcome spectre of idiot anarchy, an unthinking, robotic following of the staggeringly repetitive underground orthodoxy that anything which can be smashed in a capitalist system must be smashed.

By the way, Microsoft is up slightly, word to the wise, and Apple doing well. Pity I can’t buy shares in City of London Police. Am expecting a good early showing in their trade.

It is saying something that the standard bearers for today’s organized mayhem are described by the organizers as the ‘four horsemen of the apocalypse’, because catastrophe is the end to which these protesters work. And it won’t be the organizers with teary eyes and bruised skulls today; they know how to use the innocent, the disaffected and feckless as their foot soldiers as well as any G20 nation.

Capitalism, and the systems we have built to protect our nation from unconstitutional overthrow, will win today as surely as I will have Subway and Starbucks for lunch today, possibly a McSalad for dinner. Defeating commies is delicious work.