4 May 2009

Dear Simon,

Having read your interesting and presumably satirical views on the state of Irish blogging, I decided to check out your website to see how ‘down with the kids’ you are, and to identify whether your site has what it takes to convince me you’re the sort of PR chap I ought to do business with.

I notice you’re doing your side in Joomla.  I love Joomla, but I didn’t know it automatically headstretched every image it came into contact with.  The system is very good for creating printable versions of pages and PDFs of pages.  I think you made a good choice of CMS.

The text you have for Public Affairs and Digital PR is identical.  That may be intentional, I suppose, or it may be one of those things PRs sometimes do to try to convince people in public affairs that they need digital PR.  If it’s that, then well done on the Jedi Mind Trick.

Your client press statements don’t all have dates on them.  This could get sticky in the future, so you may want to allow the date to be displayed on the page.  I tend to put a date on every release I put out manually, but that’s just my pernickety nature I guess.  It’s not really important to know if the release was issued this week or last year, particularly when you’re Dublin’s leading PR consultancy.

I didn’t know that Joomla didn’t allow commas in long sentences.  I could work on a patch for that.

Of course, I can’t comment on your credentials to offer PR services in Ireland, because I’m certain you’re a member of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland or the Public Relations Consultants Association, and therefore consider yourself bound by the Codes of Venice, Athens, Brussels and Lisbon.  In case you might want to put a link to those internationally respected codes on your website, please find them here: http://www.iqpr.eu/index.php?id=224

In any case , I suspect that next week’s PRII AGM might mention your views on blogging anyway.

Right, I’m off to regulate myself.