Just posted this over on the Libertas.eu website blog, guessing it won’t see the light of day. To put this in context, I’m responding to the ‘historic opportunity to vote for the ‘exciting and positive vision’ put forward by Libertas:

This all pretty neatly vindicates my decision not to register to vote in Ireland. It’s not so much losing a voice as gaining the dignity associated with not being forced by the failures of Irish political parties to vote for the sort of cretins manning this unfortunate shower.

There is no positive Libertas vision for change; there is a vanity campaign from people who really ought to be doing something more productive. I look forward to comparing Tory vote share in the UK with Libertas vote share across the EU. Since Libertas claims to be the pan-european party, we can expect it, with its positive vision, to clean up, can’t we?

Can’t we?