I’m a geek. As a result, I think I got this right, but I may be off on my maths. Consider the sweet spot, which I reckon is the €65 with unlimited texts.

Tariff 8GB TCC 16GB TCC 32GB TCC
Fee Fee Fee
Silver 45 €99 €909 €199 €1,009 €299 €1,109
Gold 65 €49 €1,219 €129 €1,299 €229 €1,399
Platinum 100 €0 €1,800 €79 €1,879 €169 €1,969
Unlimited 40 €99 €819 €199 €919 €299 €1,019

The upshot appears to be that the new iPhone’s TCO is significantly more expensive than the iPhone 3G, but significantly less expensive than the cost of the original iPhone. The value of 16GB of extra storage (32GB vs 16GB) is €100 (except on Platinum where it’s €90) which may make people who thought they should stick with the 16GB option less likely to do so.

All in all, this is a relatively okay package, and, though we wait for the tethering announcement, many people will be pleasantly surprised by the costings.

@Talk202 seems to have done well!