Many people reading this blog will come to the conclusion that Jeffrey ‘Daniel O’Donnell’ Donaldson, the erstwhile MP for Lagan Valley, has been exposed as a serial abuser of the MP expenses system by the Daily Telegraph.  It has been essentially confirmed by the MP, who famously ran away from the Belfast Agreement and joined the DUP, that amongst his claims for hotel entertainment were ‘the latest blockbuster’ films, food and room service.  Mr. Donaldson stated categorically that none of the films he watched had an adult theme, which seems to fit his PG-13 image and intellect.

As a result of his categorical denial, nábídána can specifically rule out the possibility that, at least during his stay in London hotels, Mr. Donaldson watched the movie ‘Splendor in the Ass’.  What Google search makes of this post is anyone’s guess.