Harriet Harman, the hooness whose dream to be Deputy PM has been dashed by the ascendency of Lord Mandelson, has gone on the ridiculously offensive, by backing up Ministers Ben Bradshaw (hoon) and Chris Bryant (hoon) on their ill-conceived tory homophobia alloegations.

Harperson said “The essential heart of the Tories is homophobic.” and asserted that if conservatives believed in equality for LGBT people they would vote for her fatally flawed Equality Bill.

Harperson is dangerously deluded here; she seems to be wheeled out to back up every moronic statement made by a Labour MP, and instead of enhancing the allegations, each statement she makes diminishes her bankability.

The scorned Harman is becoming a rentagob, a shill for the increasingly out of touch Labour administration.

Today’s Pride demonstrations will be populated with people of all political views and none; but surely it’s reassuring for them to know that the approaching change of government isn’t the nightmare Labour are so desperate to portray. Labour supporting members of the LGBT communities have reasons to be proud of what they’ve achieved, and can rest assured that tories have no intention of rolling back on rights. With David Cameron’s clear repudiation of Section 28 earlier this week, tories parading today have more than one reason to be proud!