As we face in to the last rites for the Brown administration ( or ‘Labour Party Conference’ as they optimistically call it) , we should note that the Baroness Scotland incident is just indicative of the shower of arse we have in charge.

Brown, the dithering imbecile should realise he has to sack her. He doesn’t have the balls, thereby stating the reason he should never have been made PM.

This goes all the way back to Blair, who should have served his term or called an election when it became clear he was sunk. He should certainly not have lumbered us with this psychologically damaged semi-sentient Caledonian cretin.

Every Labour MP who didn’t sign a nomination paper against Brown is responsible for this national calamity. Happily, they prepare to reap a whirlwind.

The dividing line between Labour and Conservatives now is one of leadership. Cameron has a sense of principled proriety and sacks people who get out of line.

Gordon Brown backs people who break the laws they wrote. Probably not the dividing lines the accursed son of the manse had in mind.