The young man caught up in the Iris Robinson affair story is currently at the centre of a serious attack storm on Facebook.

Back at Queen’s University, we had a concept known as the ‘TNF’ which people used to guess the political views of a candidate for election on the basis of the ‘Taigness’ (catholicness) of the person’s name. Hence the ‘Taig Name Factor’. All very distasteful, but undoubtedly in effect at the time.

Now, I wasn’t very good at working out which was which (and assumed my own name would be nicely neutral, how wrong I was) but I have gotten a little better.

My reading of the various threads set up attacking the apparently innocent young Mr. McCambley is that there is a massive disproportion of TNF Positive (TNF+) commenters. I haven’t the time to analyse why this might be with any depth, but I wonder what you think.