I’ve decided to kick off my run-up to the General Election by covering the public comments on the subject of rape of one Grant French, the UK Independence Party Candidate for Penistone and Stockbridge in South Yorkshire.

I have edited the screenshots only to obscure the photos of people not in public life.  I haven’t asked their permission.

Mr French doesn’t mind his views being known; he specifically thanked me in advance for the publicity.  Perhaps the anti-rape vote (which he doesn’t mind losing) will take note.  I particularly hope that Cranmer’s curate is on the side of the angels when it comes to choosing who to vote for.







Finally, check out Grant French’s Facebook page (photo below, link here) which confirms it is him (as best as it can) below. Here’s his page on the UKIP website.


Think Penistone and Stockbridge doesn’t matter?  This could be one of Labour’s most ‘almost marginal’ seats.  Check out the UK Polling Report page on it here.