Dear Mr. Dale,

I have been shocked, confused, angered and almost slightly wet myself with a shrill little muffled scream after seeing your blog post which endorsed drawings you apparently commissioned (probably with the hated tory non-dom Ashcroft’s cash) from the hitherto unknown but now universally hated neo-fascist artist Paulo Nutini. (can someone in the whips office check this?).

Mr Nutini’s artwork, depicting the beloved Prime Minister Gordon Brown as a person with a flicked forward fringe in the style of 1930’s and 1940’s industrialist Albert Hitler, will shock and dismay many of my fellow Labour MPs, and will probably send Ellie Gellard into some sort of twitter frenzy with enormous unforeseen consequences.

As someone who I presume actually controls the entire Conservative Party from your blog, you should know better than to put inflamatory images of the Prime Minister compared with obscure Germans on your website.  This attempt to confuse voters by making them think Gordon Brown is actually Albert Hitler is a dirty, nasty, typical and entirely innovative ploy, which I and many other know is just another Ashcroft-inspired attempt to subvert democracy and undermine the British way of life.  As a result, for some undefined reason, you should be ashamed, and should do whatever I say.

At least partially because you’ve been on TV and radio a lot more than me, I had a lot of respect for you and your blog.  Now, as a result of these pictures, I have lost respect for you, and have decided to sit indignantly for a few moments to express this, on my newly formed  You can watch on webcam if you like, as at least four other Labour twitterers do the same.

I hope that this letter has encouraged you to do exactly what I and the twenty other people who have written to you have told you.  It would be undemocratic not to take the pictures down, and if you’re not a democrat, you’re a fascist like Hitler.


Geraldine Dreadful MP

Update: The letter is No.1 on Iain Dale’s Daley Half Dozen