The BBC is reporting as a certainty that our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is going to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament and call an election.  Finally.

After thirteen years of decay and vandalism of our constitution and the principles of our nation, the bottler in chief, who legendarily lost close to £7bn of our nation’s cash reserves on a botched sale of gold, who funded our nonsensical and illegal invasion of Iraq, who fails every week to answer questions in Parliament, will depart Buckingham Palace, hopefully, a dead man walking, leading his execrable party into an election whereby the British people can give Labour its just reward.

I’m going to watch several constituencies in which former colleagues and friends are standing.  I’ll be paying specific attention to Worsley and Eccles South where the talented and committed Iain Lindley is a candidate to relieve the people of Greater Manchester of the burden of Labour representation.

I’ll be watching Montgomeryshire, where I fully expect Lembit Opik (who, like me attended the Royal Belfast Academical Institution) to win, but where a former colleague of mine, Heledd Fychan (former Union of Students in Ireland National Education Officer) will stand for Plaid Cymru.

Of course, I’ll be watching the brilliant and super Louise Bagshawe (@louisebagshawe) in Corby.  That wafer-thin majority held by the fucking useless Phil Hope MP will almost certainly collapse to put my favourite filthmonger in Parliament.

I will of course be keeping the site updated through the election campaign, but don’t expect balance or fairness here.  Vote Conservative.