The organisation styling itself the Real IRA has claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack on Palace Barracks, an army base on the outskirts of East Belfast.  In its statement, provided to, the organisation says:

The Real IRA, Óglaigh na hÉireann, has today sent a potent message to the British oppressors and the illegitimate assembly and executive in Stormont that decisions to remove important tourist attractions from Belfast without consultation with the Irish People will not be tolerated.

The Big Wheel provided an opportunity to observe the many parts of Belfast bombed and desolated by our volunteers over the generations, and an opportunity to simulate spitting on the head of the hated Queen Victoria statue in the grounds of the Belfast City Hall.

As the legitimate successor to the IRA which led the beginning of the as yet incomplete liberation of Ireland from British tyranny, we demand the reinstatement of the Belfast Big Wheel with immediate effect, or, you guessed it, we hijack more taxis and bomb more laybys.

In addition, we would like to see the British War Machine based at Palace Barracks removed, etc, and the partition of Ireland ended with the creation of a 32 county sovereign government on marxist principles etc etc.

You get the gist. Tiocfaidh ar Lá, agus beir bua etc.

Please note that this is a political satire website.  As yet nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack, and there is no evidence whatsoever of who is responsible.  It’s a kind of an in-joke.