Britain is broken, but it can be fixed.  Society began to decline when the state managed to convince the people that the state could solve their problems by intervention into their lives.

Today, we’re told what to do by a Government which doesn’t know what to do with itself.  A cabal of social workers and trade unionists whose ambition to intervene into every aspect of our lives has given birth to biometric ID cards, CCTV cameras on every street corner, HIPs, councils rating officers with the right to inspect inside our homes and much worse.

All this from the sorts of incompetents who prepared the Gold market for a historic price low and sold half our stockpile at the bottom, who sent our troops to war without armour and helicopters, and whose standard response to any problem is to blame the last tory government which left office thirteen years and four days ago.

We’re truly in the Brown stuff, but voting for the shiny yellow option just lands us into more of the same.  Voting Lib Dem in a seat that’s a straight fight between Labour and Conservative will likely hand the seat to the Labour Party, and another vote to keep the execrable Gordon Brown in 10 Downing Street, or the danger of a hung Parliament.

So there are hours left to rescue Britain from the shit-storm of a Brown continued premiership and hours left to prevent the hung Parliament the city has feared for months.  Those hours need to be spent wisely, carefully, supporting David Cameron’s mission, making people come through on their pledges and helping people who haven’t made up their minds to see the light and prepare to vote Conservative.

Let’s finish Brown, and let’s make labour history.