Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband, not entirely useless. This photo stolen from the excellent http://www.peoplesrepublicofsouthdevon.co.uk/

As a pro-Cameron tory, it’s actually quite hard at the moment to write a blog with a political theme without feeling a pleasant calm ennui.  It’s actually difficult to find something to write about.  Labour MPs are being wooed by a shower of talentless wannabes while the blogosphere of the left is still in arms-folded ‘I can’t believe the LibDems’ mode. The attacks come from all angles and none- the leadership contest fug which has enveloped the Labour party means that the most they can manage is cheap soundbites delivered between constituency visits and phonebank photocalls.

I must say I have become impressed by Ed Miliband, but for one reason only – any candidate who attracts the support of former NUS President Kat Fletcher must have quite a brain on him, since Kat is not a woman without significant resources of analysis and intelligence.  I have witnessed it at first hand, and I know she doesn’t give her loyalty easily.  He must, therefore, not be completely useless, however silly and gormless he looks.

Apart from that, I am delighted beyond belief that Iain Dale has decided to persevere with Geraldine Dreadful MP – her latest missive is on his website now. I understand she’s already started writing to David Miliband about his forthcoming visit to Sickle and Hammer East.