Stream of consciousness begins…
Sinn Féin posters are now mostly done with the candidate’s balaclava off.

Mary Lou McDonald (SF) is very happy with her new haircut. Lovely photo on a tangerine lime background. She’s kinda cute for a terrorist apologist.

Labour and Fianna Fáil are running their leader as a candidate in every seat. Fine Gael is running Enda Kenny only in his own constituency.

Fianna Fáil has elected either the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or the incarnate Montgomery Burns as leader.

Labour has elected a very unhappy Eamon Gilmore Lookalike to do his poster photos. He really looks very unhappy.

Only one photo has ever been taken of Paschal Donohoe (FG) He looks like a jolly chap. Nice shirt. Always trust a man in a nice shirt.

Áine Clancy (Lab) is doing nothing wrong or upsetting in her photo at all. This is both wrong and upsetting.

Labour poster crews consist of three feckless morons with a ladder.

Leo Varadkar is staring at me.