Anarchists have condemned the actions of tens of thousands of peaceful protesters in yesterday’s anti-cuts demonstrations in cities across the UK.

Speaking exclusively to nábídá, one leading protestor, describing himself only as ‘frog’ said the actions of Trade Unionists and members of the Labour Party as they peaceably marched through London and on to rally points to hear Ed Miliband forget who he was were ‘mindless and counterproductive’ and called on media not to tar all protestors with the same brush.

“Amongst the utterly futile actions of the majority, which brought shame on them, there were those of us who entered into destruction and vandalism in the proper spirit of the day. It is so unfair on the hardworking anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist and womble fraternity to see media outlets depict us all as placard carrying peaceful law abiding marchers exercising our democratic right to protest. Those people don’t represent me, nor the people sitting in at Boots or randomly attacking Fortnum and Mason, the single biggest charitable giver in the high-end retail sector.”

Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party, whose speech yesterday went down like a cup of cold vomit, and who was accused by anarchists of setting back the random criminal damage sector by years, was unavailable for comment.