There’s a lot wrong with America, or so it seems.

Social Welfare and crime are out of control, race relations are strained, police are treated with suspicion, mostly because of their apparent predilection for shooting young African Americans, and for some reason, people are allowed to freely practice their religions.  Additionally, for some reason, there is no wall between the United States and Mexico, nor, for that matter, between the United States and Canada. Additionally, there is no wall between the United States and Cuba.

You can’t get over a wall on a rubber ring, am I right?  Obviously these are terrible things. Huge problems.  America has become small, and America needs to be great.  America needs a man (and it must be a man) to make it great again, and, if at all possible, gold plate it.

America can’t wait for people who receive emails to fix things with detailed plans open to scrutiny and understanding, involving the intellects of educated experts and open dialectic process.  That kind of silliness is okay for other minor nations, but absolutely no use whatsoever for a nation whose mighty eagle longs to soar yet again. No eagle ever consulted an expert on how to be great and fly.

America needs secret plans, dreamt up by the only man who truly understands the problems, and who, given the opportunity, has the great skill to create even more problems, which can then be transformed into opportunities for greatness.  These plans have to be cunning and resourceful, and if they require property development to make them really pop, then so much the better.

You may have been toying with the idea of voting for an ‘insider’ – one of those people who will be able to ‘navigate’ the ‘system’ and ‘deliver’ ‘change’. You may have even considered voting for that satanic woman who did lawyering and writing and being first lady and secretary of state and a United States Senator.  You know the type. Someone ‘qualified’ to be President of the United States.  But you know, deep down in your heart, that you don’t want that sort of President. Deep in your heart, you desire to be ruled as if by a God. You want a man who isn’t afraid to use a Tic Tac and grab America’s problems by the pudenda , and then, in a moment of genius, turn them into greatness.

America is a nation practically tumescent with potential greatness. All it needs is a bit of stimulation by a great man to make it spurt out its greatness, covering and eventually gold-plating everything.

A great man once said: a nation gets the leaders it deserves. A vote for Donald Trump is a golden opportunity to prove it; if you vote Trump, you deserve all you get.