If we’re being scrupulously honest, very few of us would have considered where we are now in the Brexit process to be the pink of perfection.  We aren’t, to put it mildly enough for some of my more sensitive Twitter followers, exactly cock-a-hoop with happiness at the pace of progress.  So let’s recap.

1) We’re still in the EU and we were definitely supposed to be out by now. 

2) We’re still talking with Ireland about a back-stop which we shouldn’t really be worrying about because trade finds a way.

3) We’re having Schroedinger’s EU elections which will be simultaneously DEEPLY MEANINGLESS (we’ll be out by October, etc etc) and DEEPLY MEANINGFUL (the governing party is going to be badly kicked about)

4) Our attempted departure has probably sealed the fate of the EU to turn into the superstate it used to keep denying it wanted to be

5) We might get Boris bloody Johnson as PM, hopefully just in time for the doomsday asteroid to wipe us all out.

We may even find the Brexit Party winning (as it will) the European elections will result in a faster ejection from the EU, which would be in bad taste but at least secure the objective.  One way or another, the whole political and governmental cycle has ground to a halt because of the basic incompetence of the wings of the Conservative party to finally seize control and run the country.