America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. You’d need to be very brave if you’re prepared to wake up tomorrow with Donald Jackass Trump as the president elect of the United States.

There is one proven way to prevent this from happening. Grab this election by its genitals, go get in a line and cast the vote that a load of Presbyterians from Northern Ireland poured tea into the sea to earn for you.

People fought and died against the sort of guy you know in your heart Donald Trump is. That’s not to say Hillary ‘Tammy Wynette’ Clinton is perfect – in fact, in any normal election, the kinds of people I respect would sooner eat tuna salad out of a raccoon’s corpse than vote for her. But this election is not normal.  This is an election to say ‘thanks but no fucking way’ to a painted combed-over demagogue.  This is an election to say ‘fuck you’ to the idea of a wall against Mexico.  This is an election to say ‘blow me’ to ‘too close to call’.

Vindicate the rights of human beings in this election. Do the things the United States stood for back when things weren’t so bleurgh.  Go vote – if he gets in there may be little to vote for again.