The iPhone 3G may have evaded me thus far, but the fallout has been an unforeseen rebirth of my iPod touch.

The touch is a great unit, and thanks to the 2.0 firmware update, apart from GPS, camera and phone, really does feel just like the new iPhone.  I know.  I’ve touched one.

I have never enjoyed a small piece of technology as I have this little device. With a decent Bluetooth stack or the ability to attach a decent keyboard, there is nothing a laptop can do that’s not possible on this unit.  This of course will be true of the iPhone 3G, but the apps store really does make for an appreciation of the already owned.

For the record, I’m digging the Remote app and the New York Times app loads, but a big massive hands up for the app, which has me buying tracks from iTunes for the first time ever. Thanks to it, I discovered the Eames Era. Thanks.

In all, I’m going to miss my little 32GB iPod touch. I know Derek’s going to love it.

Sent from my iPod touch.