is an exciting webpage full of nutjobbiness, run apparently by nutters for nutters.

What I think I’ve stumbled on is a cult, a bizarre collection of weirdies, with a pseudoscience approach which reads spookily similarly to every other pseudoscience cult out there.  Did I say it’s bizarre?

Unfortunately, cult nutters are convinced that energy is <also> something bizarre, something mystical and something only they can understand.  It’s particularly disturbing when the person writing the piece has the concentration span of a puppy and the logic of a grounded teenager.

Take this glimpse into their particular insight into ‘Sexual Energy’.

Sexual energy is an energy that flows continuously in every person, regardless of age and when it flows incorrectly it contributes to a wide variety of health issues including:

Women Cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast and throat cancer, miscarriage, deterioration of the womb, heavy and irregular periods.

Men Prostrate, testicular and throat cancer, erectile dysfunction. Other Symptoms include Physical discomfort aches and pains, emotional difficulties, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, resentment, frustration, irritation, fatigue, asthma attacks and associated breathing difficulties, irregular blood pressure, lack of energy and amnesia.

(note that they wrote prostrate, not me)

Emotions Our emotions and thoughts alter the flow of energy within our body and constantly disrupt and alter the flow of our sexual energy.

Time Time plays a vital role in determining the outcome of our health and must always be taken into consideration. As an individuals health may deteriorate over a lifetime it will take “time” to return the individual to a reasonable level of health and this requires patience, understanding and “the will” to make whatever change in a persons lifestyle that may be required.

Muscle Every muscle in our body is directly connected to our sexual energy. The quality of our muscle determines the flow of blood and energy throughout the body and it is most important that we find time in our lives to relax our body and our mind as a single thought will trigger a muscle then another, pinch a nerve, activate another muscle and the cycle of life continues.

Diet A healthy well balanced diet which is suitable for the individual is also important as food also has an impact on our muscle. Our body knows what is best for us and we must listen to it.

Medication, alcohol and drugs Our body is not designed for medication, alcohol or drugs; all of which are highly destructive as they add to the existing health issues and create new ones.

The site is one which deserves, nay demands your attention, providing as it does, a welcome respite from the logic, intelligence and sanity of the real world.