So, the final debate over, and McCain shown clearly to be not a bad chap (and almost certainly orders of magnitude better than Bush), all that now remains is for him to be beaten by the candidate the liberal media have decided will make them feel better about being American.

I guess that’s okay to a point; there is no doubt GW has damaged Brand USA, and McCain does seem relatively similar in a few of his recent approaches to value issues. Quite how McCain became such a different person from the one we all liked in 2000 is likely the source of some dreadful pulp fiction ready to stock shelves next week, so we shan’t cover it here save to say ‘wtf, John?’.

The question now is whether enough chutzpah can be generated between now and November 4, particularly in marginal counties, to disillusion the lefties and convince them the GOP is about to steal the election. I don’t care how we win.