I purchased a Nikon D60 Digital SLR this week, and am heavily impressed by its ability to turn an utter novice into someone who looks like he might not be a total idiot.  The kit came complete with a VR 9Vibration reduction) 18-55 autofocus lens which has given me joy with almost every snap.

I’ll be doing something in the photo gallery line on this blog, and my friends can catch my snaps at Flickr.

I will be commenting on the camera as and when i think it’s justified; for now, the general heft, the sense of incredible build quality and the reassuringly comprehensive online and offline tutorial materials seem to suggest I’ll have mildly more competent snaps than I managed with the just passable iPhone camera.

And then I went and unlocked the iPhone 3G, for want of something better to do.  The iPhone Dev Team have finally managed to undo the bugger’s muddle of software unlocking the beast.  Since it’s a software unlock, a restore leaves Apple nonethewiser in the event of a required return.  In any case, I tried it on my Irish 02 iPhone, bunged in a Vodafone Sim, noted that it worked and went back to the 02 SIM.  It’s the principle of the thing, and if you can’t have principles, what can you have?