En route to what should be a nicely exciting game; very happy to have spotted it in time; it more than makes up for missing the Six Nations match, which I will watch, as per tradition, in the Carpenter pub.

Am expecting a great game; Danny Cipriani and Harry Ellis have been sent to the Saxons by request of the gaffer, adding some welcome extra class to the squad, not that the 66-0 result against Portugal (which included Ellis) suggests they’re lacking. Reports earlier today had Ellis called back into the 1st team, but the teamsheet earlier didn’t reflect that change. In addition, it took a pitch inspection at lunch time today to confirm the match on.

So, a cold and clear night to indulge my twin loves of England Rugby and confusing Irish people. No chance of a rout tonight (hopefully) but every chance of a super match and a nice pint. Photos at half time, hopefully.

Match confirmed

Match abandoned. Bloody awful; media seems to be blaming England, but ultimately it’s the referee’s decision. Disappointment a go go.