Derek Draper has gone from official duties in the Labour Party*, partially due to pressure from the blogosphere, partially due to his own stupidity, and partially due to the fact he was always going to be found out as a moronic charlatan at some stage, even by Labour.

*updated 16 April 14.00

UPDATE:  I just noticed something I posted on March 26th 2009, where I said:

Nothing can take away the fact that Draper is a bullshit artist whose misdeeds will find him out; he will be involved again in some moronic plot and he will be consigned to the obscurity which leads people to misrepresent their credentials. Until then, he is an unelected troll, a wannabe somebody has-been, and unworthy of the attentions of the order-order blog.

As a way of saying goodbye and reminding ourselves of the painfully useless bollocks, a reprise of ‘this is why’ by raplog.