Bloggers who write about blogging are like teenagers who not only insist on writing petry, but then reading it out as well.  On that note, forgive me.  I accidentally chucked my web address into yahoo search today, and it came up with this:


I’m not vain, and I’m not precious, but it seems to me that someone else wrote that description, and it’s not one I recognise. Is someone paid to write SEO stuff when we haven’t bothered?

In addition,  whilst it’s completely true that the words appearing about the Armed Forces were exactly what I wrote in the article Gordon: Get a fucking grip or get out of No. 10. I can’t help but feel this is somewhat false advertising. Somebody might come to the site looking for lifestyle advice, or support for the armed forces, and instead get this political, gadgety, geeky stuff.  It does prove that the new SEO stuff is working, though, and for that I’m grateful.

On the other hand, I am delighted to welcome the new traffic, which has continued on an up-tick since the new design, since the Draper scandal and the expenses debacle. You’re not just traffic to me, you’re the primary source of my hate-mail.