The excitement around the BNP’s election, on the final allocation, to two seats in the European Parliament, has perhaps blinded the political right to the more serious constitutional problem the increasingly insane Brown’s band of simpering morons is now in danger of creating.

The centre left now concentrates on the one area they consider to be their touchstone moral highground; they’re going to bugger about with the electoral system. Oh joy.

Now, as a response to people’s concerns about the conduct of politicians in office, going full frontal into a reform of the electoral system is right up there with deciding, on discovering one’s car’s oil is low, to kick in your own headlights. Although they’re all part of the one system, one is not capable of affecting the other. Picture the kitchen table.

“Oh good, Mabel. The government has finally responded to our anger at troughing politicians, and our fright at the fascist BNP winning seats in the European Parliament.”

“Really Clive?”

“Yes, my love. They’re going to give them a payroll increase, replace the ones that resign with unelected members of the House of Lords and make elections more complex, making it much more likely that the BNP will win seats in the Commons.”

Indeed, as a response to the threat of the lunatic fringe in politics, making it easier for them to win seats is a strategy truly worthy of the soubriquet ‘courageous’. It’s barmy, it’s intellectually muddled and it will not work. In short, it’s a plan perfectly suited to Gordon Brown.

It’s a desperate, obvious and terrifyingly stupid attempt to grab votes, a moving of the goalposts after the ball has been placed on the penalty spot. He is attempting to mitigate the coming electoral catastrophe. With 15% of the vote, he moves now to prevent the richly deserved annihilation of his party.

It’s our job to raise awareness of his audaciously stupid plan.