Yesterday nábídána said that the best way to approach the story on compensation for ex-service personnel would not be to take them to court.  Quoting from yesterday’s blog post:

More recently, this bizarre story about seeking to appeal compensation payments for troops who develop complications after the point of initial injury is absolute dynamite, and if spun properly by Liam Fox can do enormous damage to the government over the summer.  The trick, it would have seemed to me, would be to have asked the Attorney General to intervene or to begin a commission on compensation, chuck it on the long finger and hope an election comes in time to prevent major embarrassment.

Instead, the MOD has managed to make itself look exactly like it’s trying to victimise injured soldiers, the week after Harry Patch, our oldest surviving veteran, died.  It’s so spectacularly screwed up it makes the article in today’s ‘Daily Mash’ look close to accurate reporting.

Now I’m not suggesting for one second that Bob ‘Contents under pressure’ Ainsworth went trawling a tory attack site looking for solutions to his department’s serial incompetence, but I believe I deserve a small pocket watch or a subscription to ‘Ladies of the Royal Artillery’ or something like that to thank me for my prescient and dogged work if he did. Incidentally, some IP address traces from London nodes of GSI yesterday, so…