Save General Election NightThe government really needs to step in with a piece of legislation to ensure that the next General Election is counted on the night of the election. It’s disgraceful that 275 constituencies still haven’t certified their intention to count on the night.

The possibility of market turmoil, the risk to the security of the ballot, the end of the principle that we start the new day with either a new or renewed government, plus the fun for political anoraks of watching the coverage, all outweigh the illogical view of returning officers that it might be impracticable to carry out the election on the night.

How could it be impracticable to count an election on the night in 2010 and not in 2001 and 2005? The issue cannot be counter fatigue, since it’s clear that count staff could simply be required to be well rested in preparation for the night.

Iain Dale (  and Conservative Home ( are leading the charge, and Speaker John Bercow (a man whose authority, as the Speaker of the house to which these people may be elected, should not be overlooked) has agreed, along with Jack Straw for the government.

Join with Iain Dale and sensible people from across the political spectrum to call for a piece of legislation to prevent the end of a major piece of our political tradition!  Join this Facebook Page and show your support.