Dizzy, on his as-usual spot-on blog, has made a case for conservatives to prepare for the ground-war that will accompany the budget on March 24.   His reasoning is impeccable; March 25th is the last practicable date for an announcement of a May 6th General Election.  Controlling the media and government information service until it enters purdah the next day could give the government a serious upper hand for the start of the campaign.  It’s our job to ensure that can’t happen.

Dizzy suggests a serious and effective outsourcing of the work of rapid rebuttal.  The wisdom of crowds, along with the crowd’s ability to filter erroneous information and the speed by which rapid rebuttal can work online should all be persuasive.  The big benefit to CCHQ will be, of course, that we can do it ourselves and they can decide whether or not to use it.

Let’s get stuck in.