The Liberal Democrats have released their theme tune to download on iTunes. It’s a cross between a gospel tune and an anthem, and it’s not great, let’s be honest.

Happily, I have taken the liberty of releasing the four tracks I submitted to the Liberal Democrats for consideration as their anthem for the 2010 election. I hope you’ll agree that these represent the current nature of the Liberal Democrats more accurately, and they provide an indication to the listener of the optimistic, progressive and intellectual heavyweight party that is the LibDems.

Note that this requires Flash, so it won’t work properly in an iPhone. Sorry.

Track 1: Flying Ahead: An anthem for the new Liberal Century


Track 2: Spirit of Soaring: A swooping change to make Britain better

LibDems Son

Track 3: Young Bird: An anthem capturing the spirit of the young, vibrant Liberal Democrats


Track 4: Testimony: An ambient, relaxed tune, for a party confident in its future