Okay, so the opinion polls, on the weekend after the LibDems scored well in the first live televised debate, show a serious swing towards the LibDems.  And, okay, the polls seem to show a Hung Parliament with Labour having the largest number of seats on UNS.

But seriously, there are two more debates and almost three weeks of election campaigning left.  And Brown has been holed below the water line, with no actual damage done to the Cameron electoral proposition.  And why are we suddenly frightened of UNS where, actually, so many marginal seats have just become available to the LibDems where previously they were distant seconds to Labour.

I believe that Labour happiness at the result from the polls and the debate is misplaced – I suspect that when tabulated against seats, swing to LibDem will be stronger in Labour safe seats than in Conservative / Labour marginals, and that the current ‘hold’ seats for Conservatives are quite safe.

So, the nabidana message is quite simple – feed Cameron with good stuff, keep up the pressure on Brown, and point out the eccentricities of the LibDem electoral proposition.  Remind people how much they want to pay £11,000 more per new home under the LibDems, and how Brown’s tax on jobs would destroy jobs and competition in this country for Foreign Direct Investment.  Show how LibDems and Labour together pose a risk to the future prosperity of the country, and prepare to take power on May 7th when the country decides to dump Brown and put Cameron in Downing Street.

Calm the fuck down.

Update:  Featured on Iain Dale’s as ever exceptional Daley (Half) Dozen