So, the first debate is over, and as widely predicted, Clegg won the air war convincingly, proving that a well thought-out campaign message means nothing as long as you’re not the leader of the Conservative or Labour parties.

In my eyes, Cameron lost out by not being as aggressive as I would have liked; he was more making an argument to be seen as the next PM rather than taking the policy arguments to Clegg, who talked utter and complete bollocks for most of the time, filling the air with needless, meaningless platitudes.  Brown is a spent candle at this point, and it must be apparent to the Labour Party that he is leading them to a destruction and possibly the realignment of British politics.

Seriously, I cannot begin to describe how dreadful Brown was tonight.  He was nasty, petulant and childish, shaking his head as others spoke.

SO where are the lessons for DC from this encounter?  First, Clegg is good in front of the camera and may no longer need Vince Cable.  Second, Clegg thinks he’s solid on economics but is clearly not and needs to be faced down on some of the most ridiculous crap he’s spouting off.  Third… be more aggressive.  The British people wants to know you have the fire in your belly to be the Gene Hunt to get this nation going again.  They want to know you’re serious about power and serious about winning for Britain.