Rejoice, just rejoice.  As Gordon Brown made the single best speech of his life, resigning his commission, I doubt many in the country who care about these things had a dry eye.   I’m delighted to see the Labour Party in opposition, and I’m hoping that David Cameron will live up to the hopes and expectations I have for him in his premiership.

Our constitution is about the smooth transition of power.  It bends like a reed sometimes, shakes like a japanese earthquake-resistant building, but it doesn’t collapse.  So the election is over, along with the years of my life I have dedicated to bringing about a tory government.  I look forward to the next challenge, and will try to promise not to be a shill or a mouthpiece for the Conservatives in government.  I trust David Cameron and the leadership of the party to do what is right, and I’ll support them when they do.  Right, so.  A technology and politics satire blog.  Where were we?