So, all things being well, tomorrow I will have an HTC Desire mobile phone instead of my much loved and lamented iPhone 3GS.  The iPhone went missing, and stock was not available at my insurer, so I opted to switch to the Desire.  On paper, the Desire is a better phone than iPhone, but the Linux Android software will take some getting used to.  A change is as good as a rest, as they say.

There are some notable shortfalls, of course.  The Desire comes with a slow 4GB memory card, whereas my iPhone had a stunning 32GB of storage onboard.

Unless the Desire stirs something profound in me, I fully expect it to be a stopgap phone, most likely unlocked and equipped with a Three Sim for cross-border usage, supplanted in my affections by the forthcoming iPhone 4.

I will of course publish a review of the phone by way of comparison with the iPhone 3GS.