Changing web hosting provider is never pretty, especially when they all seem to want to offer nonsensical services as product differentiation.  As a result, what seemed like a comedy ‘it may take 2 weeks to get the site up and running again’  post is pretty close to reality.

The idea at the moment is to have the site fully functional, along with a special ‘Geraldine Dreadful MP’ section, by Thursday this week.  Here’s hoping.  In keeping with my geeky, messy-abouty sort of personality, I have also decided to redesign, for the fourth time in two years.

In the meantime, here’s some interesting maths for you.

If I were to stay with O2 Ireland and upgrade to the iPhone 4, they would charge me €199 for the device and keep my contract at €65 per month plus €9 for insurance.   Total cost of ownership €1531.

If I were to switch to  Three Ireland, they would charge me €109 for the phone, my contract would fall to €60 per month and €8.99 for insurance.  I would have to cancel my O2 contract, giving a  Total cost of ownership:


But then consider this:  Three has a ‘Three Like Home’ offer, which allows me to roam, with data, in the UK and some other countries, within my allowance.