Although many members of Cabinet have publicly opted to support An Taoiseach in today’s secret ballot, many of them have given a solemn declaration that they will announce their decision either after another cup of tea, after Jeremy Kyle is over, or, most daringly, as in the case with Noel Dempsey, after the result of the secret ballot is known.

This prevarication and indecisiveness is nothing new for the Irish political scene. Notably, Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has promised to show leadership when someone explains to him what that is, while Labour leader Eamonn Gilmore is due to release some policies ‘right after this photoshoot’.

One party not keen on waiting to deliberate or apply any thought to their decisions is the Green Party, whose Senator Dan Boyle last night had to be reminded by Twitter that he has no vote together, after pledging to follow Micheál Martin to the ends of the earth.