Day 1: attempt viral hatchetjob on Cowen. Interspersed graphics of Bertie, Cowen and Martin. Martin and Cowen at Cabinet table. Lots of smiling. Graphic showing national debt growing on screen. Heartbeat background. Slowing to a flatline.

Finishes with a fade to white, the words ‘You know what to do’ and fade to Fine Gael logo. Sound of a defibrillator and return of a heartbeat as the Fine Gael logo fades.

Possible subliminal frame of Enda handing the viewer an open bag of Tayto. Stranger things have worked.

Day 2: Meeting about racism in politics. Empty seat for Conor Lenihan as your Fianna Fáil speaker. No other parties invited. Enda to talk, on racism in society and the new inclusion agenda under Fine Gael.

Day 3: Morning press briefing on state security. There will be two more such briefings through the campaign.